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Alicia K. Michael, Ph.D.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Western Washington University, Alicia went on to complete her Ph.D. thesis research under the supervision of Dr. Carrie Partch studying transcriptional regulation within the mammalian circadian clock at the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

Following her PhD in the USA, Alicia continued her research in Switzerland. She worked at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, where she was advised by Dr. Nicolas Thomä, and began studies examining transcription factor engagement with chromatin. She currently works at the University of Basel, Biozentrum with Dr. Ben Engel investigating the structural transitions of chromatin within cells using cryo-electron tomography. 

In Spring 2024, Alicia will open the Chromatin Structure and Rhythms lab at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA)! We will be hiring at all levels, so if you are interested, please get in touch at: alicia.michael[at]

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